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My favorite 2013 music releases – aka the best of–.

I think I finally came to terms with the 2013 releases I wanted to listen to – yet I might add up to the list as I stumble upon other jewels in the following months. Note this is my first best of list in 8 years of music blogging!
A big thank you to fellow bloggers Urban Kill (punk rock), Easterndaze (Eastern Europe) and Just Outside (experimental), to which I owe several discoveries in this list.

  • Peter AblingerRegenstücke vol. 2
    LP, God Records, Austria
  • Hans EsselSaitensack
    LP, Edition Telemark, Germany
  • Philip MillerThe Refusal of Time
    CD, PMCD102, South Africa
  • Human AbfallSNG
    7inch, Spastic Fantastic Records, Germany [listen] [via]
  • Jace ClaytonThe Julius Eastman Memory Depot
    CD, New Amsterdam Records, USA [listen]
  • Bob OstertagA Book of Hours
    online release, self-published, USA
  • Die Welttraumforscher – exhibition catalogue
    book+7inch, Kunsthaus Langenhaus, Bern canton, Switzerland [curator’s blog]
  • VooDooManVoices from Antidimension
    DVD+netrelease, LOM Label, Slovakia [listen]
  • Stillsuit – s/t
    LP, self-released, USA [listen] [via] [band’s tumblr]
  • Somnoroase PasareleABECD
    cassette, Baba Vanga, ref. VNG003, Slovakia [listen] [via]
  • Li DaiguoMusic for Advertisements
    7” single, Tenzenmen, Australia [listen]
  • AlvaroSeventy Years Old
    LP, Squeaky Shoes Records, SSR-19, Germany [artist’s website]
  • BiciklŠaknys (Serbia/Lithuania)
    cassette, Halloween Quest Records, Canada [listen] [d/l]
  • Ak’chamelPus Ch’en
    net release, suRRism-Phonoethics [listen]
  • Idea Fire CompanyPostcards
    LP, Swill Radio 033, USA
  • Jolana Havelková & Lucie VítkováNávrh na změnu partitury
    CD, LOM Label, LOM03, Slovakia [listen]
  • Johnny Trunk et al.Radio Straka, podcast, UK
  • Akos RozmannImages of the Dream and Death  (1974-2001)
    3xLP, Mego, Austria
  • VariousIPEM, Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music
    3xLP+2CD, Metaphon, Belgium
  • Karel GoyavertsPour que les fruits mûrissent cet été (1977)
    LP/CD, Finders Keepers, UK
  • Ray GallonNam June Paik: A Work For Radio (1979)
    cassette, The Tapeworm, ref. TTW#53, UK [soundclip]
  • Charles CohenThe Middle Distance (1980)
    LP, Morphine Records, Germany
  • Scopdom ScopFresh Deceit (1985)
    2xCD, self-release, USA [listen]
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