Over nearly four decades, 32 studio albums, around a dozen labels and a
dizzying array of line-ups, the Fall has been a source of endless fascination,
amusement, irritation, astonishment and enjoyment to a healthy minority of
Dusted writers.  Centered around the irascible,unpredictable,
absolutely inimitable Mark E. Smith, the Fall has been churning out singles
since most of us started buying them, and, unlike other youthful obsessions,
continues to do so, right up to the current moment.  So, when we heard that Cherry Red was putting
out a massive seven-disc, 117-track singles collection, we were intrigued.  We were also a little daunted.  We decided to listen to it together, or at
least at the same time, as much as we could, and talk about it in this listening
post. As usual, some of us were long-time fans, others were new to the Fall and
a couple were, shall we say, not convinced. Contributors included Jennifer
Kelly, Bill Meyer, Justin Cober-Lake, Ben Donnelly, Ian Mathers, Mason Jones,
Michael Rosenstein and Marc Medwin.  

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