Bill Meyer: Year In Review 2017

| 11 januára, 2018



Dusted’s writers bid 2016 farewell with a mixture of sadness
and revulsion. We grieved the many great musicians who died, but the sense that
the countries we live in were collectively embracing paths that might make us
mourn the toppling of fundamental principals weighed even heavier. And 2017 has
shown that our dismay was not misplaced. There’s no need to recount the shit
show of USA politics here, except to say that it’s fucking embarrassing to know
that a sizable portion of your country is swallowing scams so transparent that if
your teenager pulled that crap on you, you’d ground them an extra week just for
thinking you were that dumb. But while compassion, justice, and reality contact
seem to have gone out the window, I’ve never found music more sustaining. So
let’s talk about what gives a guy hope.  

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