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THURSDAY 1/12 / 20.00
Ryan Jordan
Kern / Quehenberger 
Lasse Marhaug & Maja Ratkje
Tarfala Trio / Mats Gustafsson & Barry Guy & Raymond Strid

Bogusław Schaeffer
Lukasz Szalankiewicz
Ensemble Mi-65
Kurek/Bumšteinas Duo
Frank Bretschneider

SATURDAY 3/12 / 20.00
Yanagi Duo / Ryu Hankil & Petr Vrba
Janek Schaefer
Lasse Marhaug & Paal Nilssen-Love & Massimo Pupillo
Roll The Dice

Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer

| 11 apríla, 2011

Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer by Pjoni & Ink Midget

// Limited Edition LP 12” + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)
// Limited Edition T-Shirts + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)
// Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)

Coming on April 20, 2011!

Check out tour dates here:

eastern daze: Various Artists – Zvukolom (LOM, 2011):


The idea for the new label LOM dedicated to “unknown or forgotten experimental artists .. mostly [from] Eastern Europe” was born during the Spring/Summer 2010. Its brain, the Slovak activist turned sound-artist mrkva, currently a sonology student at Den Haag’s Royal Conservatoire has put…


eastern daze: inside bratislava’s sonics:

RBNX performing live on Listening Lectures in Radost.

Bratislava is a prime example of the historical ruptures that shaked the Central and Eastern European region in the last century. The ethnical composition of the city changed drastically in the course of just 30 years between the…