Stefano Ferrian (IT), blu (BRA), Spectral Index (CZ) a bolehlavy… 15. novembra 2011

Stefano Ferrian (IT), blu (BRA), Spectral Index (CZ) a bolehlavy v Brně
AVA presents:
Electroacoustic/free jazz solo performances & collective improvisation session featuring:
Stefano Ferrian (IT, Psychofagist, de-NOIZE) / saxophone

Philipp Quehenberger “Uff Uff “(Editions Mego) From… 27. októbra 2011

Philipp Quehenberger “Uff Uff “(Editions Mego)
From new EP ” Uff Uff”, film by Herwig Weiser

Syrphe label – lecture // ChoP (CHI/PL) , C-drik (BE) – concert 20. júna 2011

18 h /
Syrphe label / lecture 
A lecture about electronic and experimental musical scene in Asia and Africa. Presented by belgian musician and theorist Kirdec
21 h / ChoP (CHI/PL) , C-drik (BE) / concert 
ChoP is a transnational project consisting of…

Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer 11. apríla 2011

Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer by Pjoni & Ink Midget
// Limited Edition LP 12” + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF) // Limited Edition T-Shirts + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF) // Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)
Coming on April 20, 201…

eastern daze: Napszyklat – Bujanka 8. apríla 2011

eastern daze: Napszyklat – Bujanka: easterndaze:

(Napszyklat’s studio in GalleriaON)
When we visited Poznan, the guys from the electronic hip-hop project Napszyklat were just in the midst of recording a new LP. It’s already mastered and very soon…