Stefano Ferrian (IT), blu (BRA), Spectral Index (CZ) a bolehlavy v Brně

AVA presents:

Electroacoustic/free jazz solo performances & collective improvisation session featuring:

Stefano Ferrian (IT, Psychofagist, de-NOIZE) / saxophone

blu (BRA) & guest / prepared acoustic guitar, laptop, violin, flute & objects


Spectral Index (CZ) / experimental electronica

19/11/11, 20.00 @ Club Boro, Brno, Czech Republic

entry: 100


Philipp Quehenberger “Uff Uff “(Editions Mego)

From new EP ” Uff Uff”, film by Herwig Weiser

18 h /

Syrphe label / lecture 

A lecture about electronic and experimental musical scene in Asia and Africa. Presented by belgian musician and theorist Kirdec

21 h / ChoP (CHI/PL) , C-drik (BE) / concert 

ChoP is a transnational project consisting of sound and visual artists from China and Poland. Performances by ChoP combine traditional and modern sounds of China and Poland with field recordings and ambient structures. ChoP is showing the aspects of constant development of the Far East and Eastern Europe. Performances are accompanied by different visuals made by different Vjs. ChoP is performing live, therefore all shows are unique experiences not unlike what the public experienced one century ago when films were mute and live improvised music gave it the whole context. ChoP was formed by Zen Lu (China) and Grzegorz Bojanek (Poland) in 2006. Since than many other artists have been invited to join the project, record their albums and play live-acts both in China and Poland.

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík Fermont, C-drík, Cdrk, Kirdec, Y-drík, M-drík, F-drík and many other “-drík”) is a multifaced vegan artist, academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer and drummer ; he is electroacoustic composer Annette Vande Gorne former student (Conservatory of Mons, Belgium). Of Greek, Zairian and Belgian descent, born in Zaire (RDC), he lived in Belgium, the Netherlands and relocated to Germany in 2010. C-drík started his first project in 1989 and juggles in between many projects and genres such as electro, noise, breakcore, digital punk, electro-acoustic, industrial, ambient, free jazz, hip hop, etc. /cho part


Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer

| 11 apríla, 2011

Pjoni & Ink Midget EP Trailer by Pjoni & Ink Midget

// Limited Edition LP 12” + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)
// Limited Edition T-Shirts + Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)
// Digital Download (Exitab, f341, PAF)

Coming on April 20, 2011!

Check out tour dates here:

eastern daze: Napszyklat – Bujanka:


(Napszyklat’s studio in GalleriaON)

When we visited Poznan, the guys from the electronic hip-hop project Napszyklat were just in the midst of recording a new LP. It’s already mastered and very soon to be out on Ampersand Records. The LP is called Kultur Shock and you can listen to a…