Alessandro Bosetti ¤ Zwölfzungen killedincars: Here is another…

Alessandro Bosetti ¤ Zwölfzungen


Here is another video that PZ put up on the Blogger site a while back. Since I’ve posted some Bosetti today, I figure this would be a good time to repost this. I like the method and concept of this video – playing a classical piece to someone, having them sing to it, and reconstructing that singing into a group. This plays on typical themes in Bosetti’s work, including collage-type pieces and the nature of language. Also at play here is an appreciation for the natural melody in speech, and the powerful sound of a foreign language.

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life-aquatic: Super cool mix by my good friends at Amdsics….


Super cool mix by my good friends at Amdsics. They have got such a fine lineup of artists.


1 Assassins School Friends – “ARP Warden”
2 railcars – “Hounds Of Love”(Kate Bush cover)
3 Sensible Soccers – “Ivan and Ernest”(amore demo)
4 Craft Spells – “Found Faith In Dreams”
5 TEARIST – “Lo V”
6 Dream Boat – “Your Beaches”
7 Laurel Halo – “Supersymmetry”
8 Chrome Wings – “Color Worlds”
9 Katrina Stonehart – “sundaysunday”
10 Ghost Animal – “Some Other Time”
11 Teenage Reverb – “Double Exposure”
12 Pink Priest – “Oath”(D/R/U/G/S remix)
13 Andy & Zeus – “Humid Hang”
14 Mickey Mickey Rourke – “Love Song”
15 Strobe – “Sol Pingidis Was High So Was I”(Best Coast cover)
16 Spinning Beach Ball Of Death – “Gated Summer”
17 Clapsclap – “Paradise Is Lost”
18 Com Truise – “Dreambender”
19 unouomedude – “Buildings”
20 Computer Magic – “Teenage Ballad”(High School)
21 mpala garoo – “breeze”
22 BRANDON WALSH – “Bill Da Bear & His Megafortress”
23 Golden Axe – “Free Time”
24 Cherry Chapstick – “Precious Necklace (Be Good To Me) – A Silly Kissers Reimagining”
25 Pears – “New Tellings”
26 Daniel Klag – “Chasm”
27 C V L T S – “radd pitt”


Holy crap AMDISCS is amazing. Their new mixtape is up for grabs here. You would have to be completely insane to pass this one up. It’s gonna spread across the blogosphere like wildfire.

From the site:

“Artists we’ve compiled for this mixtape are mostly those represented by AMDISCS, some are our friends, befriended artists, with all of them we’re in some kind of creative relation either we are planning a release by them or we have already released them, or we are just totally into their tunes.

As the title suggests you should digest it like a sausage, eaten somewhere in the middle of the universe, surrounded by nebular halos from far away galaxies, with immediate saturation for something beyond.”

Twilight Sausage Mixtape:

Good golly!

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