The Ex & Brass Unbound @ KONFRONTATIONEN NICKELSDORF 2010 – 15.07.2010 – Nickelsdorf – jazzgalerie nickelsdorf / cafe restaurant falb/limbeck

štvrtok, júl 15, 2010
20:00 - All Ages
untere hauptstr.13
Nickelsdorf, Austria
Other Info
THU 15 - Soundart-Exhibition
- Günter Christmann / Christian Munthe / Raymond Strid
- Oren Ambarchi solo
- The Ex & Brass Unbound
- Special DJs

FRI 16 - Soundart-Exhibition
- Michael Thieke Project (w Christof Kurzmann, Martin Siewert, Martin Brandlmayr)
- Christine Sehnaoui & Andy Moor
- Lene Grenager & Sofia Jernberg
- Agustí Fernández & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Paul Lovens
- Swedish Azz (Per-Åke Holmlander, Mats Gustafsson, Kjell Nordeson, Dieb13, Erik Carlsson)
- Chalachew Ashenafi w Mesele Asmamaw & Mesale Legesse
- The Thing XL (Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love with Joe McPhee,
Ken Vandermark, Terrie Hassels & Johannes Bauer)
- Special DJs

SAT 17 - Soundart-Exhibition
- Michael Thieke Project (w Magda Mayas, Tony Buck, Christine Sehnaoui, Hans Falb)
- Sven-Åke Johansson solo
- Klaus Filip & dieb 13
- Christof Kurzmann & Ken Vandermark & Martin Brandlmayr
- Andrea Neumann & Clare Cooper & Clayton Thomas
- Wildbirds & Peacedrums (Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin)
- John Lindberg and Ab Baars play the music of John Carter
- Special DJs

SUN 18 - Soundart-Exhibition
- Sten Sandell & Evan Parker
- Joe McPhee solo
- Hairy Bones (Peter Brötzmann, Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo and Paal Nilssen-Love)
- Barcelona Series (Sven-Åke Johansson, Axel Dörner & Andrea Neumann)
- Transatlantic Series (Roscoe Mitchell, Evan Parker, Joelle Leandre, Tony Hymas, Hugh Ragin)
- Heaven And (Martin Siewert, Tony Buck, Zeitblom and Steve Heather)
- Special DJs

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Terrible Eagle (US) + The Ills (SK) – 28.04.2010 – Trenčín – Klub Lúč

Terrible Eagle (US) + The Ills (SK)
streda, apríl 28, 2010
21:00 - All Ages
K. Pribinu 2

Other Info

Terrible Eagle was founded in 2007 by Brandon Davis (Indian Jewelry, The Electric Set) and Ken Wiatrek (kenconsumer). They produce psychedelic electronic rock music, or as Andy from the Ex says ‘Trance Rock’. The band began in New York in 2007 and has released records on Tigerbeat 6. Terrible Eagle is focused on exploring new methods for creation and performance of music. Though there have been many supporting members of the band, (including Wyatt Nash, Nathan Gwynne, and Robert Deeds) Till Van Daalen has assumed regular duty on drums. Terrible Eagle tours Europe regularly and has been to South America to teach at Universities in Brazil and Bolivia. All three current members of Terrible Eagle are visual artists as well as sonic artists. Terrible Eagle’s latest record ‘TE393’ will be released on vinyl in May and is available now on CD.

“Anywhere Terrible Eagle plays in the world, El Topo is there. Or Holy Mountain. Or ghosts. These members of Indian Jewelry branched off to produce a killer shamanic beat driven cult-classic noise scape. No amount of beer, hash, or peyote can produce the sobering experience that is watching Brandon and Ken get into it side by side. Drone guitars, exasperated keyboard swells, and carefully constructed minimal beats were the mainstay during this set. Brandon’s melodies beside Ken’s keyboard architecture built up to the stratosphere. Dagger-like live electronics were clean and attentive, and amounted to the most spasmodic event of the night.”

Najprv bol názov. Z recesie. Potom bol jam. Z recesie. Počas jamu vznikla skladba. Od toho inkriminovaného momentu v septembri 2008 recesie ubúda a pribúda zapálenie. A s ním i ďalšie tracky, nástroje, krabičky, skúšky a koncerty. Voláme sa The Ills a robíme hudbu, ktorá je ovplyvnená tým, čo počúvame. A radi sa pozeráme na svoje topánky.

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