Massola, Prügelknabe, Zabloudil/a – Klub Lúč Trenčín – 15.6.2019 28. mája 2019

Massola / Zabloudil(a) / Prügelknabe vyrážejí na slovenské miniturné a v sobotu 15.6.2019 se zablesknou v Trenčíně!——————MASSOLAVikiho bicí a Ádův saxofon v energickém ultra-jazzovém energickém propletenci, kterému tleskali i v Japonsku! Massola patří už roky k nejaktivnějším souborům ostravského undergroundu, jejich power noise grind jazz znají fanoušci v nejen v celém Česku, ale letos absolvovali […]

September 15th 2017 / Praha, Husova 18, Brno, Czech Republic /… 13. septembra 2017

September 15th 2017 / Praha, Husova 18, Brno, Czech Republic / 8pm

Jéromé Noetinger & Aude Romary
Jérôme Noetinger is one of the driving forces in the French experimental music scene. He is a member of Cellule D’Intervention Metamkine (a group that manipulates image and sound via 16 mm projectors), he asserts himself both solo and in collaborations (Lionel Marchetti, Michel Chion, Kevin Drumm …) with field recordings, feedback & tape recorders, he writes for French magazine Revue et corrigée and he manages Metamkine (a record label and international distributor of experimental music). He has been working with experimental French cellist Aude Romary since 2014, a collaboration that was documented on the brilliant CD Discordes (Centre Culturel André Malraux, 2017). Cello, tape recorders, microphones & loudspeakers are the musical weapons of choice with which Noetinger and Romary allow a surprising electro-acoustic world of sound to bloom.

Laundry Room Squelchers
Franka „Rat Bastard” Falestra aka Miami’s Godfather of Noise and his co. In the early 1980s Falestra co-founded a recording studio in North Miami Beach, Florida which existed under different names and locations for nearly twenty years. He currently runs his own studio in the South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida. Among his most famous studio credits are recording Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids demo cassette The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat, and serving as second engineer and studio coordinator on their 1991 cassette After School Special.

Ahleuchatistas (USA) @ Klub Luc – Trencin (Slovakia) – 15th… 17. októbra 2011

Ahleuchatistas (USA) @ Klub Luc – Trencin (Slovakia) – 15th October 2011